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    Buying, selling, leasing, or just thinking about real estate … if you have questions, we’ll have answers.

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    Leading Development, Design, & Construction

    Let our talented team of expert designers and craftsmen help you re-envision a space to add value to your home. No job is to small and we’re happy to offer our expert advice.

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    Property Management

    Let us take all the stress out of owning an investment property in the DC area. From screening tenants to 1099s … we’ve got you covered.

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    Real Estate Portfolio Strategy

    A well-balanced portfolio ensures you maximize capital while protecting your assets from market swings. We’ll show you how property can be a cornerstone of long-term wealth building.

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Quartz Real Estate Development, LLC is a full service specialist real estate development and construction firm exclusively focused on developing mixed-use & residential property in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.

Our mission is simple: we create unique and inspiring dwellings by blending the latest technologies with the timelessness of high-end, architecturally contemporary design.

Our team is continually breaking ground on new projects across the Washington, D.C. area.  We invite you to learn more about our firm and stay connected with us through our social channels.


We’re a boutique firm that’s driven by our shared passion in transformational real estate.

We named our firm ‘Quartz’ for one reason: We know that 90% of the earth’s surface is composed of quartz in one way, shape, or form. That fact, coupled with our strongly held belief that every single detail of a home is as important as the people who occupy it, made ‘Quartz’ a natural choice. Whether it is the slate in our bathroom floors, or the granite in our kitchen countertops, or the silicon chips powering the high efficiency and home automation technologies we deploy to make our homes especially comfortable (and highly functional), quartz is practically everywhere in today’s modern homes. According to some studies, each one of us will spend approximately 90% of our free time where we live, which is why we’re so committed to making every home unique and inspiring, down to the very last detail.

We deliver outstanding products and exceptional services by ensuring we adhere to the following core values:

    • QUALITY is always paramount: To consistently maintain the highest standards and craftsmanship for each project.
    • UNIQUENESS achieved through innovation: To build truly inspiring dwellings requires that we constantly leverage the latest technologies and advancements in design.
    • ACTIVE in our involvement: To provide a positive impact in the communities in which we live, work, and play.
    • RESPECTING our environment: To reduce our carbon footprint by leveraging eco-friendly materials and methods that continually reduce waste and provide increased efficiency.
    • TRUSTED because of integrity: To create by leveraging the best material, elegant design, and proven construction techniques.
    • ZEAL guiding our way: To always maintain the highest energy and enthusiasm in working with our clients, investors, buyers, community partners, agents, and local zoning officials across all stages of our development.

Our mission is simple: we create unique and inspiring dwellings by blending the latest technologies with the timelessness of high-end, architecturally contemporary design.


We’re always happy to connect with people who share our passion for real estate.

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Whether you’re looking to find out more about Quartz Real Estate Development or simply want to tell us a bit about yourself and your real estate ‘wish list’, we’re happy to chat.