Leading Development, Design, & Construction

Quartz Real Estate Development and its broader network real estate professionals have developed, built, or re-envisioned several properties across the greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.


Our firm prides itself on our vision — an unmatched ability to identify, acquire, and transform neglected and underleveraged properties and to transform them into unique and inspiring residences. While our development focus and investment criteria are tailored to a precise investment strategy, our capitalization allows us to also remain opportunistic and nimble in securing property. Quartz Real Estate Development is presently targeting neighborhoods that continue to fuel the explosive growth we’ve witnessed in the District of Columbia. For specific neighborhoods, please contact us.


Our team strongly believes that every single one of our projects should blend seamlessly with its surroundings. As such, we work with a variety of DC-based, award-winning, architects to ensure that our urban infill projects complement the broader context of our vision. This includes selecting designs and materials that fit well within the neighborhood standard and appeal, working with local residents and zoning boards to minimize disruption during construction, and being mindful of our environmental impact and sustainability.


Quartz Real Estate Development ensures that all phases of our construction are managed and completed by licensed, bonded, and insured parties. Our construction teams have over 50 combined years of experience in residential real estate and we work to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning clients. All stages of construction are tracked via a state of the art project management system to ensure quality control and attention to detail throughout the process.

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