Professional Real Estate Agency Services

The real estate market in the greater Washington Metropolitan area is fiercely competitive, technology and data driven, and requiring a deeply passionate and highly adaptable approach.

Quartz Real Estate Development has affiliated with TTR | Sotheby’s to be able to offer clients a full-service range of real estate brokerage services designed to maximize a multimedia marketing property and tailored to the uniqueness of the DC market.  To better understand why our agents are the most sought after in the DC region, please visit our partner site at the THRIVE Team.


Whether you are on the buyer or a seller in today’s market, here are but a few of the areas where our team can provide expertise and assistance:


Property identification – we’ll work together to identify properties that fit within your predefined criteria and won’t waste your time showing you properties that fall outside your budget, aesthetic, location, or other preference.


Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA) Mediation – we work very closely with tenants, landlords, developers, and private financiers to ensure that in a rapidly changing city, everyone is fully aware of the ramifications of the TOPA process.  To facilitate and streamline all TOPA related matters, we’ve engaged in an exclusive relationship with DC Partnerships, a firm who focuses only on TOPA.


Assistance with financing – in an uber-tight market, having quality financing is critical to being competitive and nimble. We can connect you with a variery of mortgage lenders that specialize in the DC area who will work with you find a tailored solution.


Pricing negotiation – The adage that ‘everything’s negotiable’ can’t be more true in real estate. We work hard with our clients to protect and maximize your interests.


Title Insurance – For many, owning their own home is the culmination of hard work and dedication and represents the attainment of the ‘American Dream.’ And while owning a home is a tremendous financial responsibility, it is also one that you want to protect as well. We’ll work closely to help you understand what Title Insurance is, why you should have it, and where you can obtain it.

If you are thinking about buying or selling your home, please give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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